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Hi Kids,
Well, they are frightening the bejesus out of us in this part of the world, and there is no where to run or hide, except under my covers.

We food shopped yesterday,and while it was busy, think: I was 84 for the deli,and they were calling 48 kind of busy, everything we needed we got, with no problem.

Bruce went out to get gas,and encountered no gas in several stations. We have charged everything under the sun, and my kindle and books are at the ready, as well as a small tv....all I can say is OY!

If I could wrinkle my nose, it would be next week, with the 49 degree temps they are predicting, and half the snow has melted. We have not had a "blizzard" since 2009 they are saying....think they are liars.

Make it a good one,and we're goiing to try to!

Trip, with her book & tea!
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