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I just spent 7 nights in Hong Kong and found getting around easy enough, not sure about the hotel, is it Hong Kong Island or Kowloon Mainland, I stayed Kowloon side, but as long as your hotel has a coach service, you can get on or off at pick up points, do the Big Bus Tour, 3 areas, includes Star Ferry crossing to and from, Stanley Markets, Cable Car to Victoria Peek, etc, can all be done in a day, as they start early, and everywhere is open till about 11pm at night! Only one it doesn't cover is Lan tou Island, (where the airport is, to go in a gondola two and a half kilometers to see the giant bronze buddha and temple, worth the trip if you can fit it in, otherwise just do the big bus thing, get a two day pass, and be back Kowloon side of the harbour at 8pm sharp for the laser light show, 15 minutes only for this, there is a great steak house to the right of ferry terminal as you exit, and watch laser show to the left as you exit, raised viewing area, fantastic, or better still, if your cruise is anchored in Victoria Harbour, betwwen HK and Kowloon, be on board to watch as it's on high rise buildings on both sides of the harbour. Canton Road runs from the ferry terminal Kowloon and is all the major labels, you name it they are there, markets are cheap, do not open to 11or 12 midday, shopping centres galore, Hi Tech Electronics, etc. Well I think I wrote a travel log, but as I said was there 11th Jan till 18th so very recent. cheers Lorsin.
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