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Originally Posted by ednotmilkman View Post
hi Kim,

I looked at your cruise out of curiosity since Greenland is not on most of our "to see" lists. From what I saw, it looks like this is for people who don't have to ask how much it costs ! I am not one of those people ! And it's not even clear to me if the flights into the country are included or not?

I saw the web site said they would match you or if they couldn't, you;d get the rate for double occ. anyway. What's with that?

Good luck
I looked too, as I've seen a few advertised that were sort of similar. It looks very interesting though and a special type of person to go on an itinerary like that. Something like that is on my dream list, but not likely to happen.
Maybe she can get a roomshare as you mentioned.
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