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Reporting in again after a 7 night cruise on RC Brilliance from Puerto Rico. This was with "hytenjr" who I met in San Juan two nights before the cruise. We talked on the phone about 3 or 4 times after we found out through cruisemates that we wanted to share the room. He had worked in P.R. 15 or so years ago so wanted to go back and see some people before the cruise. We got along great including haveing dinner every night in the MDR (main dining room) with 3 other couples, one older married, one young and aughta be married, plus 2 girlfriends about my age.

I got sick with a bad sinus infection the 2nd morning of the cruise, so I didn't even get off the ship for 3 of the 4 remaining ports, but still made it to the MDR for at least an hour even if I only ordered a couple of courses. It was still a successful trip when you consider I read 3 books while staying in the cabin 20 hours on some days ! And now I have an excuse to go back sooner.

If you didn't mind college dorms back when you had to share the bathroom, or have no problem with hostels like that today, the main thing about deciding to take a chance and go with a new person is, can they talk to you easy enough on the phone, and of course you need to be open the same way, so there will be no suprises and unrealistic expectations on board.

As an old hand at this, I EXPECT and will not complain when other person snores, and likewise I EXPECT and will not complain about any woman taking 2/3 of the space in both the closets and the bathroom. I may tease you about it is all. My only problem among all my cabinmates was one who complained to me after several days that I just didn't seem to be enjoying his company ?? Well, what could I say to that...... I didn't because he was too quiet and rather inactive on board and in ports. I just went my own way alone while he worried about what was wrong with me?

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