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Originally Posted by metter View Post
We are going to be booking our first cruise

We live in Australia and will be booking through an American online agent as they have better offers.
Looking at the Sydney to fiji (back to Sydney cruise), October 23rd departure.
On other holidays we have not used the balcony much, apart from the occasional room service breakfast. I also get seasick on the small boats i have been on in the past.

We are unsure about booking a deck 3 ocean view or a higher deck balcony stateroom. The money is not an issue other than wasting it. There is $600 difference between the deck 3 ocean view and the category 2D balcony. A further $400 would get us a C2 concierge stateroom.

Please help me make sense of this
This is a hard one. I doubt you will have any problem with seasickness on the size ship you'll be on. I think it's Millennium that is doing that cruise.

The best thing about a balcony is to use it. It is a great place to sit when you go into the islands or just stare at the ocean.

If you rarely use a balcony then an ocean view will probably suit you fine. It isn't much smaller, or maybe the same size, as a 2D.

The C2 stateroom will be the same size and layout as the 2D but will come with a few more perks: Like, a bottle of champagne, better robes and slippers, daily canapes and an additional cruise credit with Captain's Club (their repeat cruiser program).

I personally would book the balcony for this itinerary but I enjoy sitting on the balcony and watching the scenery or just the ocean. However, if you aren't balcony sitters than you could use the money for other things.

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