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Originally Posted by metter View Post
Thanks everyone for the advice. In the end I booked the ocean view stateroom and decided we could use the savings for other onboard purchases.
Booked stateroom 3134.

Due to the excellent offers at the moment (the free classic beverage package) we are looking at also booking a cruise for April 2014. The Australia to Hawaii cruise on the Solstice. If we like our first cruise we have the booking and if not we can cancel. From what i have read though I think we will love it. Will make this longer trip a verandah stateroom.

Thank again and if there is any other advice i can learn from please feel free
Congratulations on booking your cruise. You have made a wise choice since the Concierge cabins on the S class ships are nothing but hype, they are not bigger or have bigger verandas as do the CC cabins on Celebrity's M class ships. I would however keep an eye out for upgrades at a reasonable cost. I was able a few years ago to upgrade from an inside cabin to Aqua Class for $100 pp. This is a real ungrade since it entitles you to eat in Blu which is available only to AQ cabins and suites if space is available. This is like eating in a Specialty restaurant every night.

Good luck.
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