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Default EXTRA! Carnival Triumph Fire!!


GALVESTON -- A fire on a cruise ship has caused the vessel to operate on emergency generator power.
Officials say the ship Carnival Triumph experienced an engine room fire Sunday morning while the vessel was sailing approximately 150 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.
There are 3,143 guests and 1,086 crew members on board the four-day cruise that departed Galveston, Texas on Thursday.
The ship’s automatic fire extinguishing systems activated and the fire was contained to the aft engine room, according to Carnival.
The firefighting squads on board are monitoring the situation. Officials said no injuries have been reported.
Carnival Triumph is currently without propulsion and the ship is operating on emergency generator power. The U.S. Coast Guard and other authorities have been notified.
All guests have been asked to remain in the ship’s public areas and open decks.
Carnival says it is in the process of contacting the designated emergency contacts for all guests on board. Concerned family and loved ones of guests and crew may call 1-888-290-5095 or 1-305-406-5534.

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