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Originally Posted by poppadock View Post
Just came back from a 14th day celebrity cruise on the eclipse. On the next to the last night performance in the eclipse theatre at the end of the show, the cruise director Patti Honacki asked the audience if they would be going up to the party on the 14th fl. or to bed. When the seniors answered to bed the cruise director then said to them, U people spend thousands of dollars to be on this cruise & U just want to sleep ? there will be time for sleep when you're dead ! and some of U R closer to dying then others. I guess it was suppose to be a joke, but it did not set well with the seniors in the audience. I for one hope I never run into Patti again.
You posted this on the 18th, meaning you were on the cruise just before the one I took. Well, she said the exact same stupid joke towards the end of the cruise I was on, (Eclipse from the 12th to the 26th).

She's always in front of Celebrity Central after a show to hear our comments, but she seems to be a lot more open to compliments than to criticism. After the "Edge" show, I asked her why do they make 2 vocal singers sing different songs at the same time, as they did with the themes from 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Tonight'. She tried to explain that this is called a 'mash'. I simply told her that it sounded cacophonous, just like when you're trying to listen to TV in one room and another TV is playing loud in the next room. Instead of telling me something polite like "I'll take note of your comment", she just stared at me and said "That's what it's meant to be". Nice brush-off. She turned me off. Completely.

She's been on cruise ships for about 6 years and it's her third cruise line, if that means anything. . .
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