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Good morning everyone:

We are also "post-storm". It wasn't anything like Donna or the folks on the east coast had to deal with but we ended up with about 7" of snow. The bad part was that it started as rain, then freezing rain and sleet and then turned over to snow. Now there is a slick undercoating of ice on the roads.

The grandkids didn't go home last night because of the weather and their school is two hours late so Betty and I will take them in a little while. They knew last night that their schools would be starting late but did that give them motivation to sleep in? No. They were up at 6 a.m. wanting breakfast and to watch cartoons in grandma and grandpa's bed. What the heck. It makes for nice memories but grandpa was forced out of bed and put on breakfast duty in about five minutes.

Well: I have to start getting the little ones ready. Or at least tell them to get ready and then we have a 30 mile trek to take them to school.

Donna: Enjoy the warm pool.
Mars: Watch out for those falling trees.

To all: I hope you have a great Monday and wonderful upcoming week that's full of pleasant surprises.

Take care,
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