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I have the utmost admiration for service animals and they make their companions life much easier.

However, I do see people who try to abuse the "Service Animal" designation because they don't want to leave "Fluffy" at home or pay kennel fees.

My daughter, a Veterinarian, has been asked by a couple of clients for a "Companion Animal" designation for their dogs and one woman wanted it for her cat. My daughter refused.

To be designated a "Companion Animal" a dog must go through a very rigorous training program and must be able to interact with people and not be aggressive. Companion Animals for vision impaired and hearing impaired individuals go through a VERY long learning process.

Yes: There are companion animals for seizures, anxiety and other disorders. There are trained animals for these disorders.

The problem is that someone will take their "pet" and get a doctor to say they must have this animal and then get a Vet to "certify" it and cruise lines and other businesses must allow the animal. (Actually the animal needs to be certified by a registered companion animal training organization) This "pet" is not trained to interact with people and can be aggressive or anxious in new situations and in some cases dangerous.

The person does not really "need" the animal but "wants" the animal to be with them. I'm sorry but I see this as an abuse of the system and it really irritates me.

Here is a website that shows this "abuse" of the system.

Register My Service Animal - No Dispute ID Cards and Vests

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