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Cool Triumph Propulsion Issues

I was just on the Triumph 8 weeks ago so I got lucky and missed this...Although we DID have propulsion issues and were delayed by a day returning to port and got an extra day at sea with no repercussions to passengers whatsoever. We just got a free day!! Triumph gave $200 each (in airfare expense) to those who missed flights as a result of the delay. I drove so was not affected by any missed flights.

The propulsion issue for us was announced when we ported in Cozumel. We got an extra 4 hours of port time in Cozumel as Carnival flew in a team of engineers/mechanics to work on the problem. These men continued to work on the issue as we very slowly departed (late) from the Cozumel port. The issue was finally "resolved" and we picked up speed making it back to Galveston..albeit late afternoon instead of early morning. Apparently, the issue was only temporarily corrected as we can see from today's incident..
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