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i accidentally stumbled across this page, let me tell ya, its both entertaining and sad to read some of the stuff on here.i work for a cruiseline, and have done for 4 years now, do 10 month contracts, and work 13 hours EVERY DAY unless ive been a good boy to collect enough points from sales to earn a day off, then i only work maybe 7-8 hours.just wanted to clarify a few things, because there are many facts people are not told.the price of the cruise doent pay for our salaries, our salary is $50 a month!!!! the cost of the cruise pays for the price of the ship, which nowadays is around $1 billion per ship, though the oasis and the allure of the seas were $2 also pays for the 100+tons of fuel the ship burns every also pays for fees for docking in a parking ticket..not much you might say, to stop in monte carlo for a day costs a minimum of $50 thousand, though heard a story, one year the port (which they book a year or 2 in advance) just happened to host the F1 monaco GP, so the company paid over $200 thousand, to stop there for a also pays for the hundreds of tons of food you guys eat in a cruise.servers salaries are made up of gratuity charges, and service charges, ie. how much revenue we generate...corkage fee...yes its 20 bucks, get over it...walk into olive garden with your own bottle of wine, theyll politely tell you in italian to F OFF, the door is that way...its not a house party where you bring your own drinks to make it cheaper for the host...its my restaurant, you eat my food, enjoy my selrvice, so pay for my drinks, or the small fee we charge for smuggling your own drinks onboard.ive had a group of passengers once, brought vodka once in water bottles.the night went on, got louder and instead of saying thanks, all i dot was..the light wasnt shining in the middle of the table, and the choice of champagne is horrible, cos besides prosecco, moet and don perignon, there is no more champagne onboard, call the maitre d at once, this is disgusing...aaaand i got told off for not pleasing the passenger...their own cheap vodka wasnt enough...its frustrating to have to sell you guys things every 5 seconds, when we just want you to enjoy yourselves, but if we dont, we get warnings for poor sales, and get paid less..oh and no days off.ive had a "guest" tell me on the first night of the cruise,they will not drink anything from the bar, just free water and they have cancelled their service charge, just so i know...what could i do? just smile and say no problem, when in fact that person just told me, i will be working for them for free for the next 12 days.anybody fancy doing that guys? bad economy and all..go work for free for the next 2 weeks? not so nice is it? though i might try it some day.walk into a nice restaurant, have everything changed, incl the steak, cos im ignorant and don't actually know what a medium cooked steak is, then at the end of it all, stand up, say thanks in italian to sound cool, and walk out.ive had one of my colleagues fired because after the passenger promising to come visit him the next morning and "take care" of him,they didnt, and accidentally bumping into each other during disembarkation, the passenger ignored said crewmember, when greeted by him, so he made a sarcastic comment.poor passenger so offended, turned around, went back to the info desk, made a complaint and the crewmember was fired the same day.when you have 20 people to serve 6 courses and drinks in 1hour40 mins, its not easy...especially when people ask for special things, like...i want lobster every night...tutto benne, and after 2 weeks they look me in the eye, shake my hand and as farewell, say, they hope ill be serving them again next cruise...ive worked like an ass for nothing...yes its a job we take, and know the circumstances, its not just about money, its also about passenger satisfaction...except if nobody cares about our satisfaction, how can they expect 5 star service? ive been issued a formal warning once because somebody complained i wasnt smiling at 6am...i mean they were right, i should have, and probably would have, if i hadnt finished work midnight the previous day, so sleep 4 hours....people are selfish, demanding, inconsiderate jerks sometimes.10 dollars a day?perhaps you dont have to pay for the food, just the service to recieve the food, but ask much does a lobster cost? ive once had a table of 4 passengers eat TWENTY on the night it was much is a nice steak, say fillet mignon? how much is an escargot? how much is a glass of champagne you get complimentary on some nights?and i mean you cant put a price on all the jokes and magic tricks...i genuinely do them cos i love my job, and most people appreciate the work we do.but its an industry where that work is appreciated with a few bucks a day.i mean id happily have you come clean my room (which on deck 2 is as big as your bathroom on the ship)or work a day instead of me if thats what youd prefer, but sadly its not the theory about cancelling service charges and then paying in envelopes..quick clarifications...ALL dining staff on the last night of the cruise, when they get the envelopes, declare them to their head waiters, its why we ask for cabin numbers so they can keep track.if you do not cancel your service charge, we get that money back...if you cancel, it will be added to the collective "pool" so that everyone gets a little share of it.some say its fair, some dont.i mean you're rewarding a waiter who works in a different dining room and never even served you, instead of the guy who did.where is the problem? the guests who choose this option, or the system and the companies who do this?irrelevant. this is how it the funny comments about americans not tipping, yeah they do, even if you go to a mall, i once saw 1 dollar notes left n the table in the food court for the people cleaning the tables after you..its hard, cos many places like uk and australia don't have a tipping culture so they simply don understand the system we work in....perhaps they should be educated.also about how and what to eat..dont blame me and my sanitation levels if you puke and are confined to your cabin, when you just ate a 6 course dinner enough to feed a starving family of 10 in a 3rd world country.yes, if you cannot afford to tip, dont cruise, OR dont go complaining if youre only recieving a 1 star service, or becuse your waiter was yawning or not smiling.i mean its only 300 more days till he goes home to see his children, right?youre VERY the old days, if you complained about several things, the maitre d would ban you from the restaurant..buffet service only...and if you moaned even more, the captain would disembark you in the next port of call, find your own way home...yup...on flights, you get onboard, they tell you to sit down, seatbelt on and shut up or youre left behind and people are fine with this (when even flight is kinda vacationing) yet are upset about a 10 dollar service charge when youve had the level of service you didnt even know existed for the last...however long? and one last thing..if theres fire, who puts it out?the crew..if pirates try and attack and rob you, who stops them? the crew.if the ship sinks, who will be saving your lives? us the waiters and crew below us, its why once a week, on top of the 13 hours, we have a 2 hour boat drill for various emergency scenarios....the friendly officers will give us instructions by radio, but WE will be the ones to come rescue you from your cabin and carry you down from deck 14 to deck 7 lifeboat muster station if the S**T hits the fan....serve you breakfast, give you port info and tell you how to save money off taxi drivers, do a few magic tricks and jokes and if the time comes, save your lives?......time to wake up ladies and gents...its the loveboat, so please come, and enjoy everything onboard..make love, not war.and pay that stupid 10 dollars instead of gamble it away in the casino.bonaseira
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