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Just a little rant;

It really amazes me how many glory seekers and experts are in the National Media. It also amazes me at the DRAMA that is exploited by the Media and the amount of expertise (founded or not) that is proclaimed by witnesses.

I feel Carnival Cruise Lines is doing all that is physically possible in the situation that has arisen on the Carnival Ship Triumph. No one has a magic wand or a transporter that can magically whisk people to the next port. Carnival, in my opinion, has stepped above and beyond taking care of their passengers as well as possible and some of the horror stories are just STORIES to gain their little piece of media time.

With that being said, I'm sure life is NOT pristine and hardships are being endured by all, not just the elitist but as well as crew and the general population. I'm sure if Carnival had a instant fix they would by any means incorporate it instantly. No one is in danger, no one is going to die, and I'm sure that we as an entitled public can survive (i'd ***** but I'd survive.)

I truly wish all the passengers, crew, assist ships, Coast Guard, and all else involved a speedy resolve in this unfortunate situation.
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