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The media.................??????

It is ridiculous - they will say anything they can get away with, just like the national enquirer.

I can't wait until the truth comes out about conditions so we can see how it really is.

One question - have you EVER seen a "tent" on a cruise ship? I haven't.

The media will take any statement a person makes and use it to paint a picture of the entire situation. I really hate the media in this country - especially CNN.

However - you also have a fault Carnival for not clearing up some of these rumors. Why did Gerry Cahill only say "there is no doubt things are really bad onboard now,"

That leads me to believe the worst of what I have heard in the media. Is that what Carnival really wants.

Splendor was made into a success story, because John Heald and the Navy stepped up and acted like heros. We can't ask the navy the step in now, but fer chrissakes - why doesn't CARNIVAL step up and say "we've brought in supplies, we're bringing up food hand to hand" like they did on Splendor. Why don't they accent the positive?
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