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Their are ignorant comments all over the place on social media sites asking the 'why don't they just send another ship to transfer the people?' I really wonder about the intelligence of some people who portray themselves as experienced cruisers. Beyond the fact they don't have spare cruise ships sitting around ready to launch rescue efforts, as Paul has said, the dangers of transferring 3000 guests in open ocean are too risky. They are safe where they are.

Then there are those who say they should have offloaded passengers to the other ships that rendezvoused with Triumph. Right. Brilliant idea. So put a double load of people on another ship. Now you have 6000 people who are put out, angry, and have ruined vacations, plus the fact that the other ship would not have adequate facilities and more importantly, it would not have enough lifeboat capacity for that many people. People need to think.
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