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Originally Posted by oteixeira View Post
These stories never change. The range of stories are as wide as the range of types of families on these ships. Some people will debark and say that Carnival did everything they could, and they were pretty comfortable considering. Others will debark and tell you they are never going on another ship again.

Here is the deal, some rest rooms are working, but not enough for everyone, I am guessing the worst stories are coming from people in the inside/lower rooms, as the smell would be harder to get away from.

I never cruise without taking a balcony. For me, half the reason to be on that boat is to wake up, open that door, and drink a coffee while looking over the ocean and taking in the breeze.

Oh well, I would not hesitate to cruise with them in the future, and I am sure the women being interviewed (have you noticed it's the same two moms on every station, can you say fishing for a settlement?) are lying some.

I couldn't agree more, especially on the cruise!
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