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I just commissioned the artist she will do 10 drawings for me $5 per drawing and she knows I'm using them for this quilt. That just makes me feel better about using someone else's art work. Oddly enough I can't draw at all. It seems like I should be able to cause I can do stuff like this, cut hair, color hair, sculpt a face in clay and wood crave. But I can't draw maybe I'm can only work in 3-d not on paper.

Trip the thread do good with the messy appearance of the angel. That was not on purpose the fabric frays terrible.

Donna one of the ladies in my quilting group did a t-shirt quilt. She said it was difficult because t-shirt material stetch so much. I'm not sure I'm to the level I would feel good charging someone for my quilts. I like em as gifts. People can't get mad at you for a handmade gift. Some of the ladies in my quilt group are so amazing. They learned from their moms. No one in my family sews. My mom can't thread her sewing machine. I went into a fabric store and they were doing a free quilting demo it looked neat so I tried it. There is a charity in my area that donates quilts to quilts to abused children and children with life-threatening illnesses. I would like to make a quilt of this group.
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