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Of course no one is out of bed. It's Valentine's Day!

In my case that delayed me about two minutes and then it was off to blow the additional 1.5" of heavy, wet snow we had last night.

I was to go off to my daughter's today but she has a problem with her publisher and has to go downtown Minneapolis to work on some layout issues, so I got a reprieve. I'll head over there tomorrow.

My doctor's appointment went well other than he was not happy with my weight and fluid retention. I never knew that my pacemaker can detect how much fluid I'm retaining. I use my wedding ring. He changed my diuretic and told me to lose 20 pounds in six months. He also told me that I would not be able to go to Machu Pichu. The altitude would be too much. Betty was a bit sad about that. It is on her bucket list. What the heck. Give me some coca leaves to chew on, an oxygenated hotel room in Cusco and four days to acclimate and I'll be fine. It's Cusco that is at 11,000 feet. Machu Pichu is only at 7,000. When have I ever listened to a doctor?

I hope everyone has a great day and give that special Valentine a big hug. Even if that Valentine is you.

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