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John Heald


Latest Update on Carnival Triumph February 14, 2013 – 8:20pm CT

We’re here to provide a brief update on the status of Carnival Triumph.
The vessel is less than 10 miles from the Port of Mobile and traveling at a speed of 6 knots. Depending on the speed it maintains, our current estimates are between 9:15pm and 11:30pm for the ship to be in position to begin debarkation which should start approximately 15 minutes after.

As noted previously, the disembarkation process could take approximately 4 to 5 hours due to the lack of power. We are using multiple gangways to try to expedite the process and help get our guests on their way home.

In the terminal, guests will find our Customer Care and Guest Logistics teams ready to assist them, as well as warm food, beverages, blankets, cell phones and chargers.

We will start staging the 100 motor coaches we have reserved to take our guests home.

On Friday, the plan is to move the ship from the cruise ship terminal to the Mobile shipyard for assessment of the repairs.

We’ve had some questions about the crew. Once the last guest is off the ship, hotel crew has the option to either stay on board or go to a hotel here in Mobile we have provided for them. They will spend 2-3 days in hotels here.

For hotel crewmembers close to completing their contract, we will compensate them for the full term as they begin their vacation early. For those who recently signed on, we will transfer them to other Carnival ships.

The deck and engine crew will stay on board to help us reposition the vessel to the shipyard tomorrow. They will then have hotel rooms Friday night and onward, as they will stay with the ship to help with repairs.

Thank you.


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