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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
Both the Splendor and Liberty engine room fires left the ships nearly powerless. I know next to nothing about ship engine rooms or power systems so my comments/questions are purely out of ignorance.

I have always assumed that modern cruise ships would have port and starboard engine rooms separated by a firewall each with separate fire suppression systems. I know with even the most redundant systems there must be a cross over point that can be a single point of failure. Nevertheless, you would think the remaining engine would be sufficient to provide basic hotel services.
There definitely was a design flaw on the Splendor and the other ships in that class all had upgrades done to the bus system.

BTW: Liberty has never had a fire.

I think you mean Triumph. Triumph has had a number of "propulsion" issues in the last six months and whatever they find in investigating the cause of the Triumph fire will be used to make changes on all other ships that have this design.

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