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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
It would make sense to have a older ship in reserve during the high cruise season in the Caribbean. That way if a ship is having problems it can be replaced and the problems properly fixed. Also the extra ship could go to the distressed ship, transfer passengers and save a lot of unhappy customers and future lawsuits.

Most trucking companies have this practice and is considered a must to keep their customers happy.
Keeping a ship "in reserve" only works for the military, where they have all your tax dollars to waste.
Just provisioning a cruise ship with food requires a minimum 3 weeks notice for deliveries.
No cruise line can afford an empty ship sitting at a pier all year waiting for something to go wrong - unless you are willing to pay double for your next cruise.
Where would we keep this "reserve ship"? Miami?
If we did have it in Miami, and it was fully provisioned and ready to go - and a ship broke down in the Mediterranean, it would take over a week to cruise over to the Med to help out. By that point, the broken ship would already have been rescued and the passengers flown home.
If the emergency happened in Asia, getting a spare ship over there would take more than one month.
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