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Dante, welcome to have given us alot to comment on. If your life style has allowed you to enjoy the finer things of life,[lucky you] then you might want to rethink the ship and look at Crystal, Seabourn, or the like. The Allure will give you a nice cruise, but, will not compare to your other luxe vacations for the most part.

You mentioned you don't want to follow a schedule, that's fine, you can dine in the alternative restaurants, but you will most likely be the only one in a suit,and a tuxedo in these venues, you would feel out of place. You are more apt to enjoy your dining experiences other then the main dining rooms. You could do this if you choose as well My Time Dining - Royal Caribbean International

As far as excursions you can check out, get private tours to perhaps get a touch of the local color you seek. Getting to know the people/cultures in ports is fabulous. Just remember if you take anything other then the ships excursions, you better make it back to the ship on time, or adios...they will leave you in port.

Just get your mindset ready for this to be different then your other vacations, because it will be. Enjoy it for what it is, with the person you love,and be ready to roll with the new experiences you will encounter...maybe even a kid dropping ice cream on you..... You just might find you really enjoy it, as we do, in this community..bon voyage!

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