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Default Back again.......................I hope

Sorry I've been absent for awhile but........

I've been quite ill (physically, mentally, you name it); with what I know not. All I can say is it's been a an extremely rough period. I think I'm getting better if only I can't see how I could get any worse at this stage.

Rest assured, I think of all of you all the time so please don't take my absence personally in any way. It's as if my world just crashed in on me. That is the best way I can describe it. I've been like a hermit more than anything else. Possibly it was Fran's loss two years ago this past November10. But whatever hit me didn't until right after the new year (which is strange, at least to me).

Please forgive my lack of answers where appropriate. I actually didn't even peruse the site during the period.

As usual, I love you all and pray for each and everyone of you on a nightly basis. I so hope there haven't been any personal tragedies during my absence. If there were, please forgive me for not responding and understanding that I probably didn't even know about them.

I believe and I fervently hope that things are returning to some sence of nomalcy. I'll try responsding in a more usual fashion but forgive me if I don't simply because I don't know where I stand. Although I have been known to be a hard nosed sonofa***** (and that's putting it rather mildly), but in actuality I'm not like that at all. I am fighting something with which I'be never been confronted, consequently, I don't know how to respond. In one way thankfully I haven't changed and that is if you're a low life cull (whether you're in uniform or not (such as that guy in California), I'll take you out in a New York minute. I guess in some ways, we never do change.

Again and in closing, I send my heartfelt love to each of you, my adored cruisemates.

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