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Honestly, I hate camping that is why I cruise and not camp. It would piss me off if the cruise line was aware of problems with their ship and in a greedy attempt for increased profits run the ship any way. I don't care so much about the food issues. But the toilet issues would be a problem for me. I'm female I can't just hang it over the side like you men can.

Yes, if we have to missed a port because of weather, war, or illness (Swine flu) I'm fine with that. Carnival can't predict and prepare for those kinds of things. And guess what it has happened on a cruise I was on. No whining was heard for my end of the ship.

But if my whole trip is ruin because Carnival didn't take proper care of their ships we have a problem. That is something the cruise line should have responsibility for and I'm not willing to let them off the hook for that. A cruise contract should require the line to hold of their end and a well maintained ship is their end of the contract.

I do think it's cute when a news article attempts to categorize a large group of people:

A cruise ship’s passenger log is comprised entirely of the exact demographic that is least prepared for a cruise to go to pot. A cruise is a giant boat full of your mother-in-law. Your mother-in-law does not belong in the wild.

That is bull crap you have no idea what I'm like or what I can handle. So don't guess about things you have no clue about. I didn't grow up pampered in the lap of luxury, sure it would be horrible to deal with but I could handle it. That's why I have no intention of canceling my Carnival cruise. But Carnival know now you better maintain that damn ship if it breaks down because of your incompetence we have a real problem and one that won't go away easily either. I can be annoying when I need to be.

So that's my two cent. Feel free to disagree with me totally, I'm good with it.
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