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CNN or FOX reported that cruise bookings were up the week after the fire. Maybe it made people think .. hey I have not cruised in a while .. or made them think about booking? I dont think bookings being up would cause prices to drop. I Hope so, since I live in TX .. bring it on.

Im also thinking with one less ship out of Galveston, only Magic is left that that will not exactly help pricing for us Texans.

Im always up for a cheap cruise though. I hope you are correct.

PS do you think the window where the cruise prices might have dropped is already over? For every person I hear saying wow did you hear .... there is someone else saying, man look at all that compensation, they got their onboard expenses comped, a free cruise, a free 7 day future cruise, $500 which would buy a inside cabin on a 4/5 day cruise (I only paid $169 pp January last year for a inside pack n go gty and they put me on Lido deck .. on Triumph). They even opened the bar for free drinks for a while. Now you hear about a bunch of lawsuits .. people are going to think, man I could have really raked it in. Even if you and I would not have wanted to be onboard .. Carnival reported booking were UP last week, so clearly it did not discourage people from booking?

I guarantee you there are people who are saying, man I wish it was me on Triumph with all those freebies.
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