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Originally Posted by AR View Post
I don't disagree with you; I just think you need to lighten up about the article. The writer was obviously indulging in hyperbole, tongue firmly in cheek, and that's certainly how I took it. If I hadn't, I'd be as pissed as you, because I certainly don't believe Terry and I should be assigned to the ranks of the helpless.

But if you're honest you'll admit that you've seen legions of the helpless and the clueless on every cruise you've been on--those people who "don't belong in the wild" and who would be especially ill-suited to any sort of shipboard irregularity.

My favorite was waiting for the elevator once just after boarding. One "mother-in-law" was standing at the elevator buttons and explaining to her friend. . ."Now, when you want to go up, you push the top button and when you want to go down, you push the bottom button." Whereupon a third woman standing nearby but who didn't know the other two said, "Gee, you must have been valedictorian!"

Not nice, I admit, but I'm glad I didn't have a mouthful of welcome champagne or I'd have done a classic spit take.
This is going to sound really bad but I must say it. I noticed way more of these clueless and helpless people while cruising out of Florida. Most of my cruises have been out of California. But my last cruise, a 7 day on Freedom of the Seas, I got the experience of cruising out of Florida and wow there are some interesting Americans cruising out of there. I kept hearing this strange banjo music for some reason. I will have to give the writer a break. Because there are a lot of clueless people in the world.

The third woman in your story is a witch. She has no idea if the person has any serious mental problems. There are levels of autism that would require explanations like that one. My parents took my severely autistic brother on a cruise. My brother look completely normal but doesn't talk at all and can't care for himself. My parents didn't have to explain the elevator because he never would have understood them anyway. At one point during the cruise he left the room and the door locked behind him, so he couldn't get back in. My parents were in a panic until they checked the buffet and there was my brother. He's autistic not stupid.
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