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Default Unwanted Cruise wear

DH and I usually leave quite a bit of clothing in our cabin at the end of the cruise. Now, mind you, this clothing is not stained or torn....we just don't want to bring it back home (saves on laundry when we get home too!).

Are these clothing articles something that our cabin steward might want? If so, would they get in trouble to keeping them? I realize we would need to explain to the steward, or leave a note so that the clothing doesn't go to the "lost and found" or possibly be mailed back to us.

I thought I'd ask a crew member how to best do this. Do the cabin stewards even want someone else's clothing??? Should we just toss them in the garbage after wearing them each day? I hate to throw out nice clothing, but I'd hate to bring some of these things back even more.

Thanks for any advice!
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