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Default US Coast Guard - The hero's hero

I don't know if any of you watch the Weather Channel but do yourselves a huge favor and watch the segments on the Coast Guard. It has to be among if not the best docmentaries on TV.

Not only will your chest burst with pride for these dedicated men and women but don't be surprised if you find more than a handful of tears coursing down your cheeks as they save the lives of kids, adults, you name it. And they damn well ain't doing it for the money!

I overheard one person make a remark that "they get paid." PAID! You jump out of a helo sixty feet above the Gulf of Sitka sometime with water temps in the upper thirties. The hard boiled folks they save just burst out crying knowing that if the CG wasn't there, they were dead men! Just recently two of these heroes gave their lives in a drug bust off Florida. Now you tell me a cop who works and trains If I'm in trouble on the seas, call the Goast Guard! At least then I know I'm having a fighting chance!
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