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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
There's something I wish someone could and would verify or explain to me and that's the thing about " onion sandwiches ." ( honestly ! )
I was raised in southeastern Ky. which is not noted for being one of the most prosperous places in the country. We weren't rich by anyone's standards, we grew a lot of food in our garden, usually had plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. Mom canned food for winter, made blackberry cobbler, peach cobbler, apple pies, etc in the winter from the food she had canned in the summer and fall so we ate pretty well.
We grew onions which were used in cooking but never in my life had I ever heard of an onion sandwich until this Triumph " tragedy. "
How did this onion sandwich thing get started and were these poor people reduced down to where they only had bread and onions, with the Coast Guard standing by to render aid and with 2 other Carnival ships sending food aboard the Triumph? I guess I'm asking how much truth, if any, is in the onion sandwich tales and if so, how can it be? As a kid raised in the country this is something entirely unheard of by me. Maybe I missed out on something growing up by not eating onion sandwiches.
What happened was that a large number of sandwiches were made. People would take the "stuff" out of one sandwich and add it to theirs and leave the onions or tomato in the sandwich they gutted. The people at the end of line had to eat the "onion" sandwich.

Actually a sweet onion sandwich isn't bad. I like them but my wife can't stand it and won't let me near her for about twelve hours after I eat one.

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