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Default First 2 cruises. ;) thinking both will b carnival.

Finally looking at taking a cruise. Not sure why I waited so long. Because I love the beach. I may have many questions but my first are: 1) we are thinking of doing a shorter just hubby and myself. He has gotten sea sick doing deep sea fishing and want to make sure he does well. The ones I was looking at were like $229 before triumphs disaster now the prices went up. We live in Arkansas. Driving distance about the same to Galveston or New Orleans. But those ports we can drive to without airfare. So is that crazy doing it then doing the one with the kids on a 7 day just before school. 2) I read on these boards to book the second cruise on the first one. Right? 3) I have Lyme disease and rocky man spotted tick. Long story short as can be. Was misdiagnosed over ten years with even wrong meds. Now on right Track but I'm not able to do a lot. I'm very concerned with so much walking. I called. They informed me rooms weren't wide enough to take an electric wheel chair but could take one to fold up. I can walk but a day at the mall with my teenage daughter I'm done before we get to the car in 4-5 hrs. Is the cruise to much for me? 4) when we do go with DH and 2 teenage girls. What is the best budget friendly route for a room. ... Thanks for all your expertise. I'm so excited to start our new tradition.

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