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I guess the cruise lines do promote "pampering" and "luxury" but I really do not see any ads where the cruise lines say "turn off your brain - we'll do the thinking for you."

Honestly - that sounds more like an all-inclusive resort to me.

I think the cruise lines encourage you to be pro-active about your cruise, to do research and make decisions in advance. They want you to map out your shore tours and dining plans - that is why they give you so much information on their web sites.

If you look at the some of the cruise line slogans they are

Carnival "fun ships"
Royal Caribbean "get out there"
Celebrity "experience the extraordinary"
Cunard "unforgettable experiences"
NCL "cruise like a Norwegian" (OK - I don't really get that one )
Oceania "enriching ships, inspired destinations, passionate service"
Princess: "escape completely"

Only Princess has a ring off "turn off your brain" to it. Otherwise they mostly advertise fun and/or adventure, which I think is right.

It is the media and the anti-cruise brigade who have told us that the cruise lines promise complete safety. And that picture isn't true.

Here in CruiseMates how often do we talk about cruise insurance, the fact that having a medical center does not make a cruise ship a hospital, etc.

Think about this - the fact that ships have medical centers is a very good thing. It has saved lives and made better trips.

But what do lawyers and the media say about them; "they aren't US-licensed doctors, they will charge you for services, they don't take insurance... etc, etc etc"

In other words - the one thing that could END the practice of providing doctors on cruise ships is the critics of cruise ship medical centers who expect too much from them. And then people on ships will be far worse off than they are now.

When was the last time you heard anyone praise a cruise ship doctor in the media - yet imagine if they all went away?
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