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Default Carnival To Use Royal Caribbean's Coco Cay

I was looking at short cruises within driving distance today and came across something unusual. It appears Carnival Fascination will be stopping at Coco Cay (Royal Caribbean's private island) starting mid-March and going forward for over a year on the 5-night cruises. They are using the official name "Little Stirrup Cay". I did some research and apparently this has to do with the Navy not wanting cruise ships using their Key West dock anymore, which would leave the docks near Mallory Square as the only available piers in Key West. The city and Navy could not reach agreement on using the Outer Mole pier (the Navy dock).

Obviously Carnival was in a bind looking for a port to use on these cruises. I'd love to know how much Royal is charging for these Thursday visits to Coco Cay.
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