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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I guess the cruise lines do promote "pampering" and "luxury" but I really do not see any ads where the cruise lines say "turn off your brain - we'll do the thinking for you."

Honestly - that sounds more like an all-inclusive resort to me.

I think the cruise lines encourage you to be pro-active about your cruise, to do research and make decisions in advance. They want you to map out your shore tours and dining plans - that is why they give you so much information on their web sites.

If you look at the some of the cruise line slogans they are

Carnival "fun ships"
Royal Caribbean "get out there"
Celebrity "experience the extraordinary"
Cunard "unforgettable experiences"
NCL "cruise like a Norwegian" (OK - I don't really get that one )
Oceania "enriching ships, inspired destinations, passionate service"
Princess: "escape completely"

Only Princess has a ring off "turn off your brain" to it. Otherwise they mostly advertise fun and/or adventure, which I think is right.
You're rationalizing.

I was going to make a wise-ass remark after each of the slogans, but it's way too easy and obvious.

The point is not that the slogans don't specifically tell you to turn off your brain. Agents, packagers, practically everybody in the business uses the "we take care of everything" concept as a sales hook. And I maintain that a great many people cruise because that's exactly what they want: somebody else to take care of everything. Not everybody, but many.

Paul, I think you should look at the brochures and the videos the way the average person does instead of trying to parse every slogan and phrase for what it does and doesn't say. Do a focus group or three and ask people what they look for in a cruise. Sit behind the mirror and listen to the answers.

Don't pay attention to the message you think the lines are trying to deliver; instead pay attention to the message that customers are receiving. Because that's all that matters. Honest.
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