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Evelyn Richardson
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Default Re: Re: Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

I have cruised 10 cruises on Crystal, now I have 2 cruises booked on Celebrity. I expect differences. but still hope I will enjoy the cruises.

Why did I switch.? Crystal is NOT ALWAYS the upscale 6 star experience the company like to claim. There are slobs and badly behaved people on board --.they just think that they are entitled to behave that way because they can afford to cruise Crystal -viz they do not mind spending in excess of $500 per day for Crystal when they can get the same cruise on another line for less.

I realised on my 10th cruise that I was paying far too much for the Crystal name and not than getting a 6 star experience. In fact that cruise would only rate 3-4 stars poor food, dishes not available even though on the menu, shore tours cancelled at last minute,entertainment cancelled,and some staff so rude and indifferent they should find other work.

Interesting to read that Crystal is now actively courting "sales conventions" (or whatever fancy name they give it) the end result is a raucous, "booze up", leave the little lady at home and hope to get "lucky" on board event.

Who wants to pay over $500 per day to be stuck with that confined by the fact one is on a ship.?

Celeb have a great opportunity to offer value and service at a reasonable price and fill an empty niche as Crystal slips.
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