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There is a difference between people following a posted dress code and people thinking that others should dress as they do - they are two totally different things. Carnival says shorts and jeans can be worn in the dining room. If you feel that this dress code is inappropriate then you need to take your business to a cruise line that has a dress code that conforms to your expectations, but do not expect people to dress to your expectations when that is above and beyond the dress code. I don't care if someone wears a long gown when I'm wearing jeans - to each their own - it isn't gonna affect my meal in the least and my attire shouldn't affect another's meal - if it does, they have a problem, a big problem. Another issue that has come into play is the expense - airline baggage fees as well as the cost of this "fancy" clothing to wear on one night (wouldn't be able to wear the same clothes to both elegant dinners or these same people would take notice, I'm sure, and grumble and point about that as well). I do not dress formally ever - other than my wedding day - and if I had to go out and purchase formal clothes for a cruise then I wouldn't be cruising - exactly why I didn't start cruising until cruise lines started doing away with "formal".
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