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Originally Posted by Master Chief View Post
I'm I correct that the evening meal on the Lido Buffet is the same as what the DR serves? Someone told me this and I was wondering. The reason why: we are currently in the process of moving from Florida (near cruise ports) to Virginia (not so near to cruise ports) and will now have to fly vs driving to our cruises. With all the baggage restrictions/regulations/costs we need to cut down on what we pack. And maybe elegant nights in the MDR won't be on our schedule since we won't be packing formal stuff. Anyway any help here is appreciated.
They are not the same though they may have some of the same entrees. On my Glory cruise in January the prime rib in the buffet was far superior than the limp, 1/4" slice I was served in the dining room.

You do not need to pack a suit for "Elegant Night". A long sleeve shirt and long pants is all you need and you will not look out of place.

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