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I've worked for Steiner as personal trainer for 8 months.
It is great opportunity, but it is def. not for everybody. Also I had some ethics issues, that is my reason why i am not returning. I've written my entire experience down in a blog; Information about working as Personal Trainer on Cruise Ships: Home

Unlike some others, I have finished my contract and can give you a unbiased and honest opinion of the company and the work. Because there is a lot of false information on different websites and from different people.
There is a lot of anger from people that did not finish the training or the contract, and also a lot of extremly positive information from people that see everything trough pink glasses or never ran into trouble, or just never had many problems with ethical issues.

Also, lately I've gotten a lot of questions about working as a personal trainer, so if you have any questions, just let me know, i will happily answer them for you trough the website: Information about working as Personal Trainer on Cruise Ships: Home.
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