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Default Re: Review Posted & Picture Gallery

What a wonderful review, Deja. I was also on that cruise and loved almost every minute of it. The out-of-control kids became more of a nuisance as the week dragged on. I think security could have done a better job; in fact, I didn't see them doing much of anything to control the nonsense. Parents weren't evident either. Like you, we looked forward to enjoying the disco but it was a mob scene. Why was the most interesting bar designated for kids up till 11:30 + every night. Certainly they could have allowed adults only every other night and let the kids go elsewhere like we had to do.

My sister was on a Disney cruise and her experience was far better than mine. Kids were positively not allowed in the bars. When an area was designated for "adults", the policy was strictly enforced. I'd like to know what Carnival's policy is on kids being in bars and the casino at all hours.

Overall, I agree with all your positive statements about the Spirit. It was beautiful, the service was impecable and our party enjoyed the food served in all areas. Yes, I would sail with Carnival a sixth time but you couldn't give me a cruise during Easter week.
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