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Default Disney Is No Substitute

Ray recently posted a picture that he took in India. To me, it looked so clean, plastic and "fake" that I thought it might have been Epcot.

It reminded me of the time I was prowling around Epcot by myself shortly after it opened. I was walking the "ring of countries" around the fake lake and had stopped at "Italy," represented by a fake and scaled-back Doge's Palace (which was really a restaurant as I recall), and an equally diminutive (compared to the real thing) bell tower, which I think was a gift shop. I was staring at this tableau in amazement when along the walk came two elderly ladies, one with her nose in the Epcot map.

Looking up, she said to her friend, "OK, this is Italy, Myrtle. That over there is the Doggie's Palace and this is the famous bell tower. This is so wonderful. Now we don't have to go to Italy. It's all right here."

I swear this is true. I wanted to run after her and in my best Jerry Lewis voice yell, "Laaaaady. No. Go there. It's better. Honest." But I didn't.

She never even stopped to wonder how many doggies they keep in the Doggie's Palace.
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