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Default I don't know why I'm writing this...

About a year ago, I went on a cruise during spring break. The Carnival Destiny. It was my second time on this ship and on previous cruises (4 previous) nothing really happened with "love" because I was younger. The first night on the boat, I thought the teen club was nothing special so I didn't bother. I had spotted cute boys all over the boat, but when I decided to go into the teen club the second night that's when I saw him. He was honestly perfect. Well, perfect to me at least. Since it had been Easter, I wore my bunny ears. Hey, it was cute and matches my personality, outgoing. When I walked in he complimented me, "Hey, nice bunny ears!" and smiled. His smile drove me crazy, and don't even get me started on his eyes. Anyways, the night went on and my friend Mikayla started talking to him about me. She told him I thought he was cute and he said I was too! We spent the rest of the nights on the ship flirting. I expected more to escalate with him, but the nights went too fast. When I got off the ship we texted for about two hours. It was innocent flirting but it drove me crazy. He lives half way across the country from me.
A couple months later, I went on another cruise, the Ruby Princess. There was a boy that caught my eye but I didn't want a repeat of the last boy. When I was standing at the ice cream bar, he approached me and asked where I was from, my name, all that. Since I'm from New Jersey, along with my two cousins, we were known as the "Jersey Ladies". He called me his Jersey Lady. Him & I haven't spoken since, but if there was a way possible, I so would. He and I don't even live in the same country. But I did get to kiss him (: It really stinks though because even after meeting a second guy, I still think about the first. I mean could you say he was my first love? Keep in mind, I didn't give all the details, but I just feel like he will always be apart of me. Hey, who knows, maybe I'll see one of them later in life! You never know, maybe I met him for a reason!
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