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I would ask where you got that "press release"....

the reason I ask is that a couple of folks have been posting a "press release" that some blogger wrote and NOT an official statement issued either directly by email from Carnival OR on the Carnival website.

It did not take long to look at their "link" to see that they were depending on information from a 3rd source that was incorrect.

What some "blogger" decides to post is not an official statement from Carnival.

Carnival has consistantly reimbursed the $100 - $200 per person change fee (IF any fee was necessary) to change airline tickets that is usually what the airlines charge.

This is a good cautionary tale though to warn people in the future to only follow OFFICIAL statements via direct email or on the Carnival website and not to just believe what "cruisin' joe blow from Idaho" writes, because ole Joe might not know what they are talking about.

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