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Originally Posted by Sea.Sno.Gem View Post
Who I'm looking for:
I'm looking for someone preferably female, but a male cabin mate is okay. I don't mind having someone to explore the ports with or if you prefer to go on your own, that is totally fine as I am independent. We can meet at the destination port, so I don't require a flight companion.

My "must-see" destination is Rome! I would also love to see Barcelona, Venice, and Sicily. I am also open to seeing Athens, Santorini, Marseille, Ibiza and Morocco. I'm open to suggestions.

I haven't set the exact dates or booked flights. I have 2 weeks of vacation right now and want to use them before the year is up. I will be getting another 2 weeks of accrued vacation by September. I'm hoping to go sometime before mid May, if not I will go in mid September. No preference on cruiseline, however I have cruised with Norwegian before.

Why not? For fun, adventure and exploring. I just want to explore the Mediterranean as I have not been to Europe yet.

About me:
(SWF) I'm an outgoing yet laid-back, adventurous, and active woman in her 30s from the Seattle area in Washington State (U.S.).

Want to share a cabin leaving Venice, Italy on April 29th for 12 nights going to Istanbul (Turkey), Izmir(Turkey)t, Mikenos(Greece), Naples(Italy), Pisa(Italy), Toulon (France) and Barcelona Spain! An incredible trip! My first time cruising, female young at heart, active and respectfull. All for $1,400. each for 12 nights! Let me know soon if interested. Drop me a note, my user name is: femalemate.
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