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Default Hit by Wake Waves! Caribbean Princess

I was hit by the waves created by the wake as I was videoing the Good Year Blimp as it was flying over the Caribbean Princess Sailing from Port Everglades on February 9, 2013. There's a bit of a story about this video. As I was shooting from the beach area in Fort Lauderdale. I thought I hit the jackpot as the Goodyear Blimp was about to be flying right over the Ship as she set sail. Great timing! NOT! I was so excited that I failed to notice the beach was getting larger as the water was sucked away from the sides of the ship and is forced behind the ship by the propellers. These waves from the wake eventually hit and crashed into me. I didn't even see them coming. I was pushed into the rocks by the waves and did scrape up my leg. I did my best to salvage the ending. I left all this "fun" in the video. Enjoy!

HIT BY WAKE WAVES! as I was videoing the Good Year Blimp over the Caribbean Princess. - YouTube
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