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I just got home Sunday night from Conquest so its all pretty fresh in my mind. The new pizza is excellent. This is the 2nd time Ive done Conquest since the new 2.0, and I still like it mostly.

I am glad for new shows, though I have now seen the new shows twice lol and they talk for about 15 minutes it seems like before they start the new shows. Diva they have a audience contest and pick a lady from the audience to put in the show at the end. I liked Brits and Diva better than Motor City. They rotate all three shows on different days so if you miss one the first time, you can see it later in the week.

The Tasting Bar opened at 5:30 pm I think in place of the sushi bar (can get sushi up on the buffet). They do a little soup and one kind of meat, like a meat ball, or pork or something small. Its on deck 5. you might want to check it out one night. Free of course. One night the tasting is the steak house.
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