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Originally Posted by Beachmonkey View Post
Arion...I am so sorry to hear about your Costa experience and so glad you made it through with such a great attitude. I can only imagine, but I am sure that the experience has only added to your personal strength.
Thanks Beachmonkey. I'm not sure if it added anything personal strength wise, but I think I certainly think I know myself a little better. I kept myself a little more prepared throughout the cruise this time; I kept my phone charged, and my passport in a waterproof Ziploc bag, and kept them both on me while at sea.

I'm not sure I'd have booked if I'd known that on NCL, the corresponding deck numbers are 3 below where they'd been on Costa. On Costa Deck 4 was the muster station, while on NCL, its almost sea level(and where my cabin was). This was pretty scary on the first few rough Atlantic night's.

NCL is a great company and we have only had positive experiences with them. Things happen from time to time, but they are always quick to address any issues.
Yeah, things happen. I'd made a short notice booking (day before), and I wasn't too surprised. When they do happen however, you just have to decide whether or not you're going to let it ruin your holiday.
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