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Originally Posted by min View Post
My husband, I and the kids got back from a Disney cruise and were shocked and annoyed by the adults without kids. Here we are waiting in long lines for a character greeting and you have these "grownups" in front of you adding to the wait, with autograph books! Same thing with seats at the shows and the aquaduck. Everything is geared toward the kids which is why a Disney cruise is overpriced. I really don't get it. I actually think they believe it's real. Very odd.
Well, I'd start out by saying that you are entitled to your opinion. But I do have to ask some questions.

Does it matter who's in line in front of you? I look at a line for something and think "Hmmm... forty people/family groups in line." And I'm either prepared to wait that long, or I'm not, regardless of if that line is filled up with families with young children, grown couples, old people, people with beards, fat guys in unwashed t-shirts, or martians. At a Disney function, I'd anticipate seeing a lot of children, but certainly wouldn't be surprised, or offended, to see couples without them.

So is your problem with those people, or with the concept of waiting in line? If you're bothered by waiting in line generally, Disney events are probably something you should second guess. If your problem is with those childless couples, I would suggest that you find something else to focus on, because you're clearly far too concerned with what everyone else is doing.

I personally believe that if you're a Disney person, you're a Disney person, regardless of age. And if I were at any kind of a Disney event(I've attended several), the only childless adult that raises any kind of concern for me is the greasy hooded guy sitting alone touching himself as he looks at little kids. My opinion is that the kid ahead of me, who's been screaming at the top of his lungs for the past 20 minutes, and his uninterested parents who are ignoring him, are a bigger problem for me than the kindly, young-at-heart couple without their children who want a nice picture with Goofy for the "Memories" album.
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