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Good afternoon everyone:

It's a beautiful day here in Minnesota. It's only about 30F but it is clear and brisk.

Yesterday I basically spent two or three European cruises for home "maintenance". My garage floor has pitted over the last 24 years and was getting to look like the lunar surface. Sometime in April we will have the garage floor cement and 26'x30' pad in front of the garage removed and new concrete put in. We will probably be selling this house in a couple of years and we need to make the upgrade even though it is not a hazard, or even "that" ugly. I know if I was buying a house and saw the pits in the garage floor I would expect the price to be reduced.

I had a late start today. Yesterday, in the late afternoon I made a "Clean out the fridge" pasta. I basically cleaned out the onions, carrots, celery and peppers out of the vegetable drawer, added some diced venison sausage, garlic, parmesan cheese and tomatoes with rice pasta. It was very good but boy did I pay for it. I rarely get indigestion but I sure did this time. Betty had no problem but I was up all night with it. I don't think I'll be eating leftovers today. Though Betty had some for lunch. Iron guts Betty.

I hope all are having a great day. We will soon be off to do some grocery shopping. Now that I cleaned out the fridge we need some food in the house.

Take care,
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