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Question Need some advise please

I am planning a cruise to Alaska for July 2014 (yes I am starting way early lol) but the more I read the more questions I have... I have only been on 2 cruises and both with Carnival to the Caribbean but Carnival does not have the options I want. I know I want to do a cruisetour, I want to spend a day or 2 in Seatle (hubby & Mom want to see some of the sites there since we are that close), we def want to go to the Danali state park. So what cruise line would be best for this? We want a room that will sleep all 3 of us also. So what is the best way to see the glaciers I want to get as close as possible and would love to walk in them if possible? What clothes should we take for July (I know to dress in layers but I have seen where we should wear water resistant pants & I am not sure where to get those & why not wear jeans)? I saw a snorkel excursion & it sounds great but has anyone done this excursion & is it worth it? What are the best excursions to do to experience the best of Alaska? Thanks in advance for any advise and/or tips.
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