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Originally Posted by DougR. View Post
This one has no good answers. Yes they do have the responsibility to put customers on a safe vessel. However, I do not see any merit to allowing those in a panic over an incident on another ship to cancel at anytime without penalty. It would be not only an unsound business practice, but could welll result in the lines financial ruin. This would be akin to the airlines allowing no penalty cancellations after an aircraft crash. They don't allow it and no one expects it either.
I agree over one incident but to me two ship in two months there's been some neglect on some level here. Obviously I will be taking my cruise in December but I have to say I'm beginning to loose some not all confidence with there ships and how sound they are, time will tell if I continue to feel this way. My post was referring to a continual problem if so happens.
I also wonder if we would of been hearing about this if Triumph hadn't had the issue last month.
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