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Originally Posted by Aerogirl View Post
Sailing Liberty in December! YIKES

Like I said being it was our first cruise I'm not sure if the vibration was normal or not. We had pretty good weather 78*-86* the whole trip with a few showers but mostly sun. It was however pretty windy. They roped off the top decks for awhile because the wind was so instense (mini golf area) because of the wind the boat rocked quite a bit. ( I found this fun) On our stop in Grand Turk we went deep sea fishing and the guide asked if we were ok going into "choppy" water as there were no fish biting where we were at. We all said "Lets do it" We were in a 36' fishing boat with 8-10' swells in 14,000 feet of water a mile or so off the island. No one got sick and we all caught a fish!
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